January 2017. Birchbox. Hello 2017.

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A new year for subscriptions and we start off with Birchbox January! This month features a partnership with Self Magazine and the sample choices were curated by the beauty editors at Self Magazine. Last year I believe they partnered with Self and had given out subscriptions to the magazine and you could have opted out and received the retail value if you chose not to subscribe. I already had a magazine subscription to Self so I got the refund instead. This year Birchbox and Self have what they are calling the Beauty Resolutions giveaways! One was for a four night getaway trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico I believe. A relaxing retreat to Fairmont Mayakoba with four nights at the hotel, on-property boat tour, and a couple’s massage! The second giveaway going on right now is a butt load of goodies including a one year Birchbox subscription, $250 shopping spree to Le Tote, the entire Colleen of exclusive Birchbox  Arrow Beauty line, and lastly a $500 credit to Crane and Canopy. Holy smokes! I love their giveaways! This month was a good month even though I had some hiccups. One of my samples had leaked all over the other samples. Although nothing got ruined I had less than half of the shampoo left to sample from. However, Birchbox customer service replied back to me and sent me a replacement BOX with tracking! If they cannot send me the same box, they will send me a box tailored to my profile, and lastly if that doesn’t work out then I will be contacted again to figure out another solution. How great is that!?!???

On another note of greatness, download their app! It makes reviewing, shopping, Sample Choice, and even contacting customer support (there’s a chat option) ten times easier! I can track my box and even get a sneak peek on my box when it is ready. Sadly I did do a sneak peek but I couldn’t help myself at all! If you’re a subscriber then the Birchbox app is a must!!! It will make the subscription more fun and engaging! Look how many months I got(that’s all I can fit in a screen shot lol there is a lot more) and you can easily view all of your past boxes.

Let us start with Sample Choice for the month of January! I had a hard time choosing but in the end I got two of the choices I could not decide on. I chose the Sunday Riley because those bad boys are EXPENSIVE! I made that choice instead of the R+Co but lo and behold I got that too! I think it’s because of my reviews of the products previously in my past boxes. 


R+Co OBLIVION Clarifying Shampoo and R+Co OBLIVION Restorative Gel Conditioner (bonus/foil packet)

ARROW ENDURE Water-Resistant Mascara

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment


Shiseido Cleansing Oil

Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in Black

Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel

Korane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

I actually have all of these products either from Birchbox or other subscriptions so I passed on it. Although the sample of the Shiseido Cleansing Oil made it so tempting! Look at the size of the sample!

This month’s theme is Hello 2017 and this year has gotten off to a positive start. I have had some bad days but stayed positive and ended positive lol. My skin is clearning up and trying new products has not been a big issue. My main focus for 2017 will be my health, my son and his health, and my family. My blog will be key to my health in terms of happiness. I love blogging especially stuff like this. I enjoy meeting new people and offering advice and vice versa! Sharing my journey with everyone has been fun! Stay tuned for a blg post about our day trip to the local aquarium! Okay okay on with the box right? Lol, if I do get a new box with different items I will do another post. At the end of this post I will have promo codes that will make you want to subscribe and my link! Now here is what I received for the month of January.

1. Burt’s Bees – 100% Natural Lipstick – Brimming Berry – $9 full size (0.12oz)


Full size product! Although I can find this at any drugstore I was thrilled to have it. I am not a fan of the color but it’s a color my mother would love. I did a quick swatch and noticed it takes about two-theee swipes to get it to be opaque. It is creamy with a smooth satin finish. It claims to stay moisturized on your lips for eight hours which I do trust. Burt Bee’s is a trusted brand for me and my child actually. I used their products many times and have yet to be disappointed. I actually prefer using their tinted lip balm instead.

2. Juliette Has a Gun – MMMM… Perfume – $100/$135 full size (50mL/100mL)

SAMPLE VALUE – $3.40 (1.7mL)

This little sample of perfume was actually nice. It is a small spray bottle which I love when it comes to fragrance samples. This scent is sweet and sultry. It has a mix of vanilla, orange blossom, and sandalwood which is all scents I love and combined was even better. It worked well with my skin and body chemicals so I might purchase in the near future. I only wish it was more affordable! I will stick to the sample for now since I only use one spritz and only for special occasion.

3. NUXE – Moisturizer Cream Crème Fraiche de Beauté – $34 full size (1.5oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $11.33 (0.5oz)

This moisturizer was nice but I could stand the scent. It is made of aloe Vera and plant mills so it has this weird herbal perfumey scent that just doesn’t go well together. The product itself is not bad. I might pass this down to my mom as well. It is like an “old lady” scent if you know what I mean. All of the ingredients and benefits are great but the scent just ruins it for me.
4. R+Co – OBLIVION Clarifying Shampoo – $24 full size (6oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $4 (1oz)


R+Co – OBLIVION Restorative Gel Conditioner – $25 full size (6oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $0.95 (0.23oz)
This was one of the samples part of the Sample Choice. I passed on this because there was another item that I wanted to try for such a long time. This shampoo was amazing! A good lather that’s not too bubbly more foamy with just a small amount. It definitely clarifies and leaves my hair and scalp with a deep clean feeling. This shampoo has rosemary leaf extract, coconut oil, and Japanese witch hazel. The scent of R+Co products never lets me down! This one was good one! The conditioner was a bonus item and sadly a foil packet. The conditioner is a unique oil-in-gel formula. It adds shine with vitamin E and has sweet almond and coconut oils. This conditioner was great alone and with the shampoo. I wish I had more sample but it was good for only two washes. I only use conditioner from mid length to my ends. I did not use too jug and yet it worked effectively. Other conditioners I would go in like a mad man and pile it on. There was no product build up and I still had a deep clean feeling with soft touchable hair! I definitively might purchase both products to add to my shower routine.
5. Sunday Riley – Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment – $105 full size

SAMPLE VALUE – $17.85 (0.17oz)

Sunday Riley, I love this brand’s name! I have tried samples of other products in their like but not this lovely gem. I use only a small amount to put on my trouble areas like around my mouth, my forehead, and my chin. This is clinicially proven to visually and noticeably plump fine lines within three minutes. It is a purified grade lactic acid that deeply exfoliates the skin. It removes dull, pore-clogging, dead skin cells. It feels gentle on my skin and I love the benefits I have seen so far after a week’s use. I have only used it three times so far and have seen results! Although this product is pricey I am happy I got to try it before I would think of purchasing it. This is added to my lists of things to buy for sure!

Overall opinion, not a bad box! I had a problem but that will be resolved soon. I was able to still test out all of the samples. I got a full size lipstick in this box but it was a drugstore brand. Three out of five worked for me but if you count the bonus it’s more like four out of six! I am never hoping for a knockout box because subscriptions are for you to try and to see if you will like the item or if it will work for you. For the subscribers that hate their box because it is not something they like well…. suck it up. Not everything can be so personalized to the tee. Keep up with the reviews and your boxes will keep getting better! Trust me! It has for me and that is probably why I am sticking with Birchbox.

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On another note, subscribe using my link below and the promo code DOUBLEFUN for two boxes for the price of one! For only $10/month and for just $10 the first month it’s not a bad deal. Do the reviews for that one box and get 50 points that equates to $5 in shopping in their store! Birchbox has thee best promos so do not miss out on this one! What do you think of this month’s box? Any beauty resolutions for 2017? Mine is to stick to try more natural products because they do not give much love and could end being holy grails! Let me know in the comments! Love ya!

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His first real friend (kinda)

Have you ever heard that your cousins are your first friends or even better your best friend? Well for my son Gavin, his first real friend is my little cousin Angelica, who lives in Rhode Island. Gavin is nine months older than her. I guess they would be second cousins right? Not sure about all of that, so confusing.

Why is this a big deal? Well… my son does not talk. He is a non verbal autistic boy who doesn’t have the same social cues as we do. When I first introduced him to his cousins here in California and he had no interest them. When I took him to the playground he would not even bother with anyone. Although he loved watching others play he never once went up to play with them. Countless times little kids would engage him and he would just run away doing his own thing or space out. As a mother, I was saddened by this. I wanted to not only hear my son tell me stories about his day but to know that he had someone he can play with other me or his father. Someone he would instantly be happy to see. I always wondered how lonely he might feel. One of the therapists we work with has said that the non verbal children are sometimes the loneliest. They have to hold all of their thoughts in because they have no way of sharing it. How sad is that? I do not want my son to ever feel that way!

However, every year since he was born we would go back to Rhode Island. Living in California away from my immediate family was hard and I wanted my family to experience Gavin and his amazing personality. I would spend 2-3 months a year in Rhode Island. He would build small meaningful relationships with his grandparents and his aunt and uncle. He had one cousin but she was six years older than him and mainly cared for him as if he was her little brother. My little cousin Angelica (pictured above with Gavin) has always been the child who likes to mimic and she grew an interest in Gavin. His ways and his avoidance of her never deterred her away. If they didn’t communicate she was happy enough to just be by his side. Each year passed and then comes my 2016 year visit. I had done a two week visit in the summer and did not notice it then until Gavin and I returned in the fall. My son instantly walked up to Angelica when he saw her and he noticed she was wearing glasses. He took it off and touched her face. It was the cutest thing ever as if he was making sure it was really Angelica. He then proceeded to hug and kiss her as a greeting. The two ended up just playing along side each other and sharing toys. Though it may not seem like a big deal, it was MONUMENTAL!!! It was an important step in the process of his social skills. I was so proud of him and that is what made me finally push for my little family to move from California to Rhode Island this summer. I would not want him to lose his first friend due to distance. He looks through my phone for any pictures and videos of them together. We video chat and he actually looks at the camera. A great indication of progress is when he has eye contact. Her voice is familiar to her and I love that he can recognize her just like that. Angelica also loves this friendship just as much. She misses him a lot and wants to play with him. She is not autistic but she actually goes to speech therapy. I believe because they do not speak as well that they formed a bond this way. She can speak now but not as clear but I hope that their friendship will help my son learn to communicate. Hopefully with his own voice but if not through other ways will be completely acceptable to me. I want the best for my son and if moving back to Rhode Island just for this is it then I will do it. 

“Autism affects the way a person’s brain and body work, and someone with the disorder might have trouble speaking, make strange sounds or not talk at all. About 25 percent of people diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder are considered nonverbal, but they can sometimes communicate by writing, sign language or picture cards. Autistic people may flap their hands, spin in circles, do or say the same things repetitively, or sit quietly and avoid looking at others.” -Angela Haput, US News

Luckily many people will benefit from this move as well. More family interaction for my little man. I have a huge family and he is always surrounded by them everyday not just for special occasions or holidays like some other families. Gavin also has another cousin to play with and that little cousin is the second boy of his generation. His cousin Tyson will be around eight months when we move back. I always pray for my son to keep progressing but I know I have to help and facilitate the best environment for him to thrive. That is why I took on this journey to blog this year. I want to record this year because it will be great one!

These two crazy little minions will be reunited again and I hope they will enjoy their life growing up together. I hope she will be his support throughout his years. This will be an amazing year for me as well. To be surrounded by my own family and to get the support I needed. I cannot wait to blog more this year and hopefully it will be all good memories!

What do you think? Do you believe that I am making a good move here? Have you ever met and engaged an autistic child? Let me know in the comments down below.

October 2016. Allure Beauty Box.

The Beauty subscription brought to you by the magazine Allure. Allure editors get to have fun in their office playing with everything we make up/skincare lovers/addicts would die for!!!! Everything from make up, hair, skincare, fragrance, and etc. The samples are hand picked by the editors and are usually DELUXE sized samples however some come in full size. There is also a “mini magazine” that gives you detailed information about each product. Now the boxes are not tailored to you but the products that come in these boxes are quite noteworthy from the size to the brand! Let me show you what I got in my October box.

Now I could not help myself on one of the products because it smelled so good and I wanted to spoil myself. I drew a bath and took my Spongellé with me! It is missing in the group shot but I used the “mini magazine” to add it in lol.

1. Spongellé Freesia Pear Body Wash Infused Buffer – $15 full size (2.5oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $15 (2.5oz)

This is a limited edition shower sponge with the scent of freesia. Above is a shot of what kind of details you would see in the “mini magazine”. This little guy did a great job buffing and exfoliating. It did not go to pieces after one use. The smell also did not dissipate quickly it stayed strong though but not overbearing at all. I love this sponge guy because I love exfoliating my body. This helps conquer that goal with ease. I probably would not spend $15 on this though, a little pricey. I have found cheaper ones at TJ Maxx or a Marshalls. 

2. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask – $36 full size (8oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $4.50 (1oz)

I love hair mask and this one does a great job. It feels like a conditioner so it is not thick at all. I do not use too much and afford my roots. My hair feels softer and smoother but it’s nothing too special. The smell is nice and floral but floral scents for my hair products are not my thing when it comes to conditioner. Worth a try though and I have heard some people LOVING this.

3. Doucee Freematic Eyeshadow Single in Kristi – $10 full size/single (1.4g)

SAMPLE VALUE – $10 (1.4g)

This little single eyeshadow was a great little addition to the box. In the pan it has shimmer but it does not come off too shimmery. It is a nice copper shade and it works well as a transition shade for me. The pan is pretty deep and it is magnetic so it will fit fine in your Z-palettes. I would not buy single shadows because I have not gotten into making my own palettes but this is a good addition to your collection.

4. Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter – $48 full size (6.8oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $7 (1oz)

This brand is my favorite! Such a luxury brand in my opinion. The color makes the body butter fun to rub all over your body. It absorbs quickly into my skin and I do not feel any residue. The scent is floral and it is nice but it does fade away. I like that only because I have my own scents that I do not want any competition! There is colloidal oatmeal in this moisturizer and I love it using since the weather has gotten colder in California. This is a definite splurge item! Put on the wish list ladies!

5. Mally Volumizing Mascara – $20 full size (10mL)

SAMPLE VALUE – $20 (10mL)

You want some length, thickness, and separation for those lashes of yours? Well this here mascara does the job! The formula is not too wet or dry and does not clump up at all for me. I have non existent straight lashes but this is a nice mascara for me to get some sexy lashes without adding fake lashes on. And yes it is FULL SIZE baby… what is the count now on full size products in this box?!!? (TWO!)

6. Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk – $20 full size (3.2oz)

SAMPLE VALUE –  $6.25 (1oz)

Dark haired ladies this thing does not leave any gray/white dust! Leave it on for a little bit to soak up all that oil and then comb on through. I love how nice this but not a fan of the floral scent however it does go away after a while. This is a good option for some who are sensitive to certain ingredients that most other aerosol dry shampoos may have.

Okay pictured above is five out of the SIX samples and then two is full size. The dry shampoo I believe is to be considered their travel size! If you want you can consider the eyeshadow to be full sized too! This box is $15/month but right now if you sign up your first four months will be $10/month! That is a $20 savings! Girl, you better sign up! Not many hype this beauty subscription but I like that. That means great deals like this and even more inticing products to lure you in! Sign up if you want use the link, it is not a referral link and you will get the promo for $10/month for the first four months! 


Did you like this beauty subscription box? Have you tried this subscription before? Let me know in the comments.

December 2016. Birchbox. Shine On.

The month of December was a great month! I loved this box a lot and it has reeled me in to keeping my subscription for another year. Along with the great things I mentioned before in my last post, you get amazing customer service. It may be because I am an ACES like a VIP customer but they are always on top of replying back and assisting in me on any issues. Try Birchbox at least for one month, it’s only $10 and I believe it is worth a try!

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Here is what was offered to subscribers for Sample Choice for December. Remember there is always a video a week or so before the day you have to make your choice on YouTube.


Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel

Marcella CC Cream SPF 35 Complete Correction in Golden Glow

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Out of Your Shell


The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Rock Steady

Rene Furter Lumicia Shampoo

Rene Furter Lumicia Conditioner

IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer

This month’s theme is Shine On and the design of the box is uber cute along with the extras that matched. Gift tags and a special little gift of a mirror was something that every subscriber should have received. For Sample Choice, I actually chose an item that I had already received in the past but I could not help it as I loved the product a lot and have yet to purchase the full size. Let us go one by one with a review of each item.

1. Ardent Inn – MODSTER Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner – Black – $20 full size (0.04oz)


Size received was a sample size at 0.028oz but the full size is at 0.04oz which is not bad. This eyeliner is creamy and it is actually waterproof! I used it for lining my top lash line and it was super pigmented which helped make my lashes look fuller. I did not use it on my lower waterline because I do not like the effect of such a dark color. I wish it lasted quite some time without being all smudgy. I would not spend $20 on full size though. There are many more affordable alternatives out there but another black eyeliner to travel with is not a bad sample for me.

2. Chella – Eyebrow Defining Gel – $18 full size (6mL)


I received the brow pencil last month and loved that I got this gel. I got to try this together as and actually love it. I have always been an Anastasia Beverly Hills kind of girl and then fell in love with Benefit’s line of eyebrow goodies but Chella is a comparable brand. A little more affordable but not by much. The gel set quickly and I love that is clear. It tamed my brows and kept in place all day. I would not repurchase because I do not always need brow gel but I love having it around. The sample size is 4mL which is a good size sample.

3. R+Co – DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo – $17 travel size (1.6oz) $29 full size (6.3oz)


This is one of my favorite products out of the box! The fact that I got the travel size and it is priced at $17 is amazing! First off, this brand alone is great. I got last month the cleansing conditioner and I was obsessed with it. I did the review and mentioned that I would love to try more things like that and lo and behold I got the dry shampoo. R+Co products are high quality and their scents are to die for. I love how refreshed my hair felt after using this dry shampoo. I got no white powdery mess and it got rid of my three day hair oils. My hair had a little more volume as well. I would definitely be purchasing a full size! The entire brand is awesome and unique. This product alone paid for the subscription box!

4. Real Chemistry – Luminous 3-Minute Peel – $48 full size (1.7oz)


This was my selection for Sample Choice and such an interesting product. It is peel mask that you place on your dry clean face and within a minute or two you want to massage in circular motion. During this massage you will see the product start balling up as it is removing your dead skin. I love using this before an event so I can get a flawless foundation application. It is not too bad but I would be cautious if you have sensitive skin. The sample size is 0.17oz so you do not get a lot. I would probably get about 3-4 uses but that is enough for a sample to decide whether or not to buy it.

5. Wilma Schumann Skin Care – Hydratinf Collagen Eye Pads – $18 full size (5 pairs) 


I received one pair of this eye pad and it is quite refreshing! One use may not be able to persuade to buy. However at $18 for 5 pairs it is worth a try! I love eye pads and this one did not irritate my delicate undereye area. It stayed in place for the entire 20 minutes which I spent online Christmas shopping lol. I do not get immediate results but the little puffiness I had was slightly lessened. It was hydrating and such a spa experience when I used it. I would purchase this to have on hand for those days where you have time to unwind.

All in all this Birchbox was fantastic! The value is there and the products definitely tailored to me and how I responded in my past reviews. I have been with Birchbox for about three years now and will continue to subscribe to them.


Let me know what you think of my box and what you got in yours? Do you think I should try a different subscription? If you’re insterested in Birchbox feel free to use my link! I will add codes when I hear of any each month of these posts.

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November 2016. Birchbox. The Finishing Touch.

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Birchbox is one of the popular beauty subscription boxes out on the market. At only $10 a month it is one of the more affordable choices. There are other subscriptions at and around that price range but this one is by far my favorite.

Here are some details on what makes Birchbox unique!

  • Five samples tailored to you by questionnaire/quiz and your reviews from past samples.
  • Point system to reward you as a subscriber and customer. Every dollar spent is 1 point and then to redeem it is 10 points for $1. For your reviews you can get 50 points per calendar year so basically if you can review one box (five samples) for 50 points. That’s a free $5 to shop!
  • Great bonuses and promo codes throughout the year! You can earn additional points with some promo codes or get deluxe samples. 
  • Speaking of promo codes, they have awesome ones for new subscribers! There was one for a free beauty blender and one for a set of five Birchbox brushes with brush holder.
  • Early access for Benefit Cosmetics! Some subscribers will be lucky enough to get samples of the new products that Benefit launches. I have been a recipient of at least three since I have been subscribed!
  • Full size products do occur in this subscription although rare it happens! Maybe not full size but travel size is still a good deal since you only paid $10 for the entire box.
  • Birchbox offers Men’s products as well as a subscription box that is $20/month.
  • Specialized boxes are made as kits for you to try products at an affordable price.
  • Sample Choice or Curate Box as an option to your five samples! You can choose one product to take place of one of the five as the others will be picked out tailored to you. If the choices available does not suit you then try the curated box of the month. It differs every month and Birchbox will post a video before the day you have to make a choice or not (you can stay traditional and get surprised with tailored five samples).
  • Cute themed boxes that can be reused to store or utilize in many ways like gifting!
  • Birchbox app! Makes shopping easier and checking out your box if you want a sneak peek or make a sample choice. If your notifications are on it will remind to make a sample choice. This app has made Birchbox even more fun!
  • Birchbox flagship store! If you’re in New York head to their store and create your own Birchbox! For $15 and a huge selection of samples you will not be let down! I have yet to go but planning to this summer.

For November these were the choices you could select. Birchbox posted a YouTube video on their channel showcasing all these items. You can choose to do a Sample Choice or a curated/featured box. If you do not choose or may have forgotten you will just get your five samples tailored to your profile.


Jane Iredale Just Kissed® Lip and Cheek Stain

Chella Eyebrow Color Pencil – Tantalizing Taupe

Coastal Scents® Blush and Highlighter Duo


ARDENCY INN MODSTER Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream

Number 4™ Jour d’Automne Smoothing Balm

Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara

Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume

This month’s theme is The Finishing Touch and the box design is a cute floral fleur de lis kind of print. For Sample Choice I chose the eyebrow pencil because I love to try new eyebrow product. I need to do my brows before anything else so the choice was easy one. Okay let us get down to what I received in my box.

1. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream – $40 full size (1.6oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $5 (0.2oz)

This is a Korean brand that has been making its way to the US for the past two years or so. I love their masks and of their cleansers. However this moisturizer is just as simple as it can be. It is a nutrient enriched cream and it is not too thick. It was hydrating when I applied at night and when I woke up the next day. I would not necessarily purchase this because I did not see any benefits from it and for the price of a full size I can find better alternatives.

2. Chella Eyebrow Pencil – Tantalizing Taupe – $20 full size (0.09g)

SAMPLE VALUE – $20 (0.09g)

Straight forward, a nice easy to use eyebrow pencil. Similar to Anatasia Beverly Hills but there is no spoolie at the end of this product. It is a flattering color as it will do well for any brow color. A perfect taupe! However to get the full size priced at $20 is awesome! This paid for my box alone and then some! I will definitely make use of this product for use!

3. Avène Soothing Moisture Mask – $26 full size (1.7oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $2.45 (0.16oz)

Something new to try but honestly I do not understand this whole thermal water deal. I got the spray and it didn’t do anything for me. Actually I might be sensitive to something in it because I always get a little itchy. This was just not for me!

4. R+Co ANALOG Cleansing Foam Conditioner – $29 full size (6oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $7.25 (1.5oz)

This little nugget surprised me! No need for a shampoo! One step and bam beautiful hair! It does not do that crazy foam but it does not need to at all. My hair felt so clean and refreshed after using this product. The smell/fragrance that R+Co has is phenomenal and so relaxing. I loved smelling hair after it was all dry. It had volume and it felt so soft. I would purchase a full size but it is a little pricey. This would be a splurge item for me.

5. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer – $24 full size (0.3oz) $12 mini/travel size (0.1oz)

SAMPLE VALUE – $12(0.1oz)

Last but not least, it’s Benefit baby! This actually sells for $12. You know the section in Sephora or Ulta that begs for you to buy from them because they are cute and tiny and affordable… well this is one of those items. Perfect for the days when I just want to do my brows and need a little umph for my lashes. It makes a natural look more natural lol. The brush is amazing and the formula is great. I did not have any problem with lasting power or smudging. Great sample here!

Birchbox has been catering to me and I believe it’s because I was consistent with my reviews. Although there were some bad items but it was okay. I do not expect them to know me that well especially if they have such a huge customer base. I think they are a great company! Definitely worth a try ladies or maybe a gift for the guys with the Birchbox Men subscription! Click on my link if you’re interested.


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Did you love your November box? Any horror stories about bad boxes? Let me know in the comments below.

The start of something new but familiar

To blog once again! Why do we blog? What is a blog nowadays?

What I have noticed since I last blogged is that a lot of posts are related to reviewing things and recommending something. The business world has entered the realm of bloggers! I love reviews but I have always wondered if any of these bloggers have been swayed at all but I have found many trustworthy bloggers out there and I hope to be one as well. 

I am starting this blog as my resolution to the new year. I am not only doing reviews and such but also reflecting on life as a mother of an autistic child. I want to be able to share my stories and also learn from other parents of autistic children and other developmental disabilities. At the end of 2017, I hope to have some amazing posts or at least a good following who share the same interests as me. Subscription boxes are my weakness! Also I might share a good deal here or there. It is a little all over the place but I will refine throughout this journey.

Let this first post be our introduction. My name is Keoammara and I am a stay at home mother who hopes to get back in school. I will do so when I move back this summer to Rhode Island where my immediate family resides. I currently live in California and I absolutely love it here except my mom is not here with me!!!! I love my mom! I have a five year old non-verbal autistic son Gavin and I live with my boyfriend David who is also the father of our son. 

We plan to move as a family to Rhode Island to help our son with his social skills. Every year since I moved away from Rhode Island I would visit home. Once Gavin was born the visits were a lot longer, about two to three months long at a time. Every visit he would connect with my family at such an incredible level. This last visit cemented our decision to move back when he finally made his first friend! He would go up to my younger cousin Angelica, who is nine months younger than him, and greet her with a hug. He would keep eye contact with her and always wanted to be near her. She enjoyed his company too and they both go to speech therapy. It is such a cute bond and I want it to continue and I believe she will help Gavin when he transitions into school if it follows along with our IEP (individual education plan).  One of the many reasons why I want to document this year! There is so much to look forward to!

There is so much for you to learn about me and my family but we shall leave it to be revealed throughout this blog as I will try and continue to post consistently.

Let me know a little about yourself and if we have the same journey as parents!